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Educator Steps to the I&RS Process

  • STEP 1: Teacher identifies area(s) of concern and independently implements Tier 1 Universal strategies.
    STEP 2: Teacher completes either I&RS Initial Academic Request Form or I&RS Initial Behavioral/Social-Emotional/Health Referral Form (see right) and emails the completed form to Faustinterventionreferralservices@erboe.net by the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Form will be reviewed by the I&RS team and you will receive feedback within 5 school days.
    STEP 3: The I&RS Coordinator will field the request, and assign a tentative case manager prior to the established monthly meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The Coordinator will also invite and provide coverage for the requesting staff member.  
    STEP 4: Meeting is held and action plan is developed by the assigned  case manager. The case manager is responsible for sharing it to all pertinent parties.  
    STEP 5: Teacher is responsible for implementation of the action plan and continuous review of effectiveness through feedback and assessments.

Faust School I&RS

  • The Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team at Faust School is a building-based team comprised of administrative, instructional staff, and support specialists committed to supporting students who are at-risk in the general education population. The I&RS team assists school staff by providing strategies and interventions to resolve an array of academic, social-emotional, health, and/or behavioral issues manifesting in the general education setting. The I&RS process provides students with an opportunity to be successful in the overall school environment. 

    The functions of the system of Intervention and Referral Services in Faust School are to:

    • Identify learning, behavior, health, and/or social-emotional difficulties of students;

    • Collect thorough information on the identified learning, behavior, health, and/or social-emotional difficulties;

    • Develop and implement action plans which provide for appropriate school or community interventions or referrals to school and community resources based on the collected data and desired outcomes for the identified learning, behavior, health, and/or social-emotional difficulties; 

    • Provide support, guidance, and professional development to school staff who identify learning, behavior, health, and/or social-emotional difficulties;

    • Actively involve parents/guardians in the development and implementation of intervention and referral services action plans; 

    • Coordinate the access to and delivery of school resources and services for achieving the outcomes identified in the intervention and referral services action plans;

    • Coordinate the services of community-based social and emotional and/or health provider agencies and other community resources for achieving the outcomes identified in the intervention and referral services action plans; 

    • Maintain records of all requests for assistance and all intervention and referral services action plans and all related student information; 

    • Review and assess the effectiveness of the provisions of each intervention and referral services action plan in achieving the outcomes identified as appropriate; and 

    • Annually review, at a minimum, the intervention and referral services action plans, and the actions are taken as a result of the I&RS team to make recommendations for services and programming as appropriate. 


Frequently Asked Questions: (I&RS)

  • As a parent, what if I receive an email indicating the I&RS team will meet to discuss my child?

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    Your participation as the child’s parent/guardian is important to allow for the most effective and informed process to help the child. You are invited to attend, and should contact the Building Principal to make them aware of your ability to attend the meeting. Please note that there are no due process rights with regard to Intervention and Referral
    Services; the school is permitted to conduct the meeting with or without parental support.

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  • What type of approach does the I&RS team take?

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    The Faust School I&RS Team focuses on delivering a well-coordinated prevention and early intervention approach. Intervention is a proactive process that interrupts, alters or prevents the progression of a condition. The intervention process is comprised of all of the actions and steps a team takes to intercede with a problem. An intervention event is only one step in the process of intervening with and ameliorating an identified concern. 

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  • What is the regulatory authority?

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    State - N.J.A.C. 6A:16-7, Intervention and Referral Services

    Required for General Education student population, Permitted for Special Education population, but coordinated with student’s I.E.P. team, as appropriate.

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  • What types of concerns are typically shared with the I&RS committee?

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    -Social & Emotional


    -Chronic Absenteeism/Truancy

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