• Benefits of Registering
    Simply stated, we understand and appreciate how critical Web solutions are to our success as a District. The parent registration/subscription is just one of the many in-built features that provides the best communication between our district and your household. The benefits of becoming a registered user to our website are outlined below.

    There are two main types of subscriptions which registered users can take advantage of. Each of these are outlined and explained below:

    Content E-Alerts. By subscribing to sections of the website that are of particular interest to you, ensures you are advised immediately when content in these sections has been updated..

    Broadcast Alerts. In addition to being advised when content has been updated, registered users can receive notifications via email and/or mobile text message (SMS) for notifications pertaining to such things as early dismissal, school closures/delay, as well as non-routine circumstances.

    Mobile Alerts. As part of the registration process, registrants can elect to provide their cell phone number. When Broadcast Alerts are issued, the originator has the option to also transmit this as a text (SMS) message depending of the circumstance. As the registered user, you can either elect to receive only urgent/emergency notifications via text or receive all notifications as text messages.


     Thank you so much for becoming a member of our 'Connected Community'