• Welcome to the East Rutherford Board of Education website. Check back often for updates to the site, including meeting dates and times, meeting minutes, email addresses and contact information for all board members. 

    NOW THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the regular meetings of the East Rutherford Board of Education will be held either at the Faust School located at 100 Uhland Street or the McKenzie School located at 125 Carlton Avenue both located in East Rutherford and as noted below.  Action may or may not be taken at these scheduled meetings: 


    2020 – 2021 Board of Education Meeting Dates




    January 2020 22 - 7PM (Wednesday)


    February 2020 27 - 7PM Faust
    March 2020 19-6PM Budget/Mck. Gym Floor Remotely
    March 2020 26 - 7PM Remotely 
     April 2020
    23-6PM  Budget
    May 2020  20 - 7PM Remotely 
    June 2020 18-  6PM (Third Week) Remotely
    July 2020 23 - 6PM  
     August 2020 27 - 6PM Remotely
    September 2020 23 - 6PM  Remotely
    October 2020 29 - 7PM (Fifth Week) Remotely
    November 2020 19 -7PM (Third Week)


    December 2020 17 - 6PM (Third Week)
    January 2021  5 -6PM (Organization Meeting) Faust 

    *Subject to change as noted, formal action may or may not be taken at the foregoing meetings

    All meetings except as set forth above, will be held at the:

    Alfred S. Faust School (Unless otherwise noted)

    New Gymnasium

    100 Uhland Street,

    East Rutherford, NJ 07073