Here in East Rutherford school district we are dedicated to providing the best PreK-8 education possible for all of our students regardless of their individual differences and unique learning styles.

    We are committed to the mission that students identified as in need of Special Education and Related Services, Title I & Remedial Services, ELL Services as well as 504 Accommodations are given equal access to a high quality education provided by the district. This will be accomplished through the coordination of our multi-disciplinary child study team, school counselors, related services providers, teachers and support staff members that work in collaboration with students, parents and community partners to develop goals and implement specially designed instruction that maximizes academic success, recognizes students' potential and fosters social and emotional development.

    The purpose of this webpage is to provide important information to students, parents and staff. It is our hope that this webpage offers you an opportunity to have a resource that is easy to use and improves communication for the benefit of our special needs population.


    100 Uhland Street

    East Rutherford, NJ 07073