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    East Rutherford School District Construction & Renovation Project Phases 

    The East Rutherford School District is proud to announce that it has begun its Construction & Renovation Projects.  The District will be rolling out updates on the different phases of the projects throughout the entire process.  

    Phase I ~ McKenzie School Roof Project 

    The McKenzie School Roof Project will start on Wednesday, May 28th and will continue through July 24th.  During this phase, the McKenzie School basketball court parking lot located on Paterson Avenue, will be closed and utilized for construction vehicles only.  Construction hours will be between the hours of 7am to approximately 4pm Monday through Friday and possibly Saturdays, if needed.  
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    Phase II ~ McKenzie School HVAC Project 

    The McKenzie School HVAC Project is currently in the bid process and the construction on this project is expected to be completed prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year. 

    HVAC units have been purchased and due for delivery in early July. 
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    Preliminary Stages of Phase III ~ 4th & 5th Grade Faust School Building Extension (Geotechnical Explorations) 

    The District has started its beginning stages of gathering soil samples for the 4th & 5th Grade Extension.

    During the month of April, French & Parrello utilized a drill rig to perform test borings of the soil and mobilized a backhoe excavator to perform test pits at Faust School.  
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    As always the East Rutherford School District always appreciates community concerns and will continue to adhere to any reasonable precautionary measures.  The subsurface investigative operation is to advance soil borings with a drill rig and test pits with a backhoe.  Both the drilling process and digging produce negligible vibrations.  No typical construction equipment like a vibratory roller was utilized that you may see when compacting asphalt on roadways or a large pile driving hammer that produces vibrations that could potentially cause damage to adjacent structures.