Please complete the online registration and upload required proofs of residency, your child’s birth certificate or passport, custody documents (if applicable), and immunization records/physical.  All required forms can be found on the left side of this page and must be uploaded at this time (i.e. Home Language Survey, Authorization for Exchange of Confidential Information, etc.).

    After downloading and completing the required forms for registraion please click on the following link which will take you to the registration platform (https://genesis.genesisedu.com/erboe/openReg).  Once there upload all the required documents.
    Required documents for proof of residency are: a property deed, sewer or tax bill or rental lease. You will also need one bill from the following list: current utility bill, current phone bill or voter registration and one of the following: current financial account/bank statement, current paystub with address or current state agency document.
    The main office will be in contact with you to review the documents after you have completed the online registration.