At East Rutherford School District, we embrace the responsibility of delivering an exceptional PreK-8 educational experience tailored to every student's diverse needs and abilities. Our core belief is that every child, with their unique learning styles and personal challenges, deserves the best educational journey we can provide.

    We stand committed to our mission, which is ensuring that every student, including those who require Special Education and Related Services, Title I and remedial support, ELL Services, 504 Accommodations, and McKinney-Vento services, benefits from equal opportunities to engage with and excel through a high-caliber educational experience.

    Our promise of a high-quality education is brought to life by the concerted efforts of our multi-disciplinary child study team, devoted school counselors, diligent related service providers, inspirational teachers, and dedicated support staff. We pledge to work in harmony with students, their families, and our valued community partners. Our goal is to craft and execute customized educational plans that not only bolster academic achievement but also acknowledge and nurture the potential of each student while supporting their social and emotional growth.

    This webpage is designed to be a cornerstone resource for students, parents, and staff—a hub of ease and clarity that strengthens the communication bridges between home and school, all for the advancement and well-being of our students.


    250 Grove Street

    East Rutherford, NJ 07073