• Department of Special Services Contact List


    Child Study Team Office 

    100 Uhland Street

    East Rutherford, NJ 07073

    Phone: 201-804-3100

    Fax: 201-438-4157



    Sandi Esposito

    Ext 5001        


    Director of Student Services                                                                                                                               

    Sharon King-Dobson

    Ext. 5002


    Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant

    Danielle Esposito

    Ext. 5003


    School Psychologist

    Dr. Jamie Lee

    Ext. 5004


    School Psychologist

    James Wagner

    Ext. 4004


    School Social Worker

    Renee Romaglia

    Ext. 5005


    Speech Therapist

    Bracha Waldman

    Ext. 3723


    Speech Therapist

    Alison Bono


    Occupational Therapist

    Amanda Rusin