• As one of the district’s School Psychologists, my role ranges from assessment to consultation to intervention. I provide direct support services and interventions to students of all ages. Assessment is one of my primary duties as a Child Study Team member. I assess students suspected of having a disability to determine eligibility for special services. A cognitive battery is administered to obtain intellectual functioning, academic potential, and student strengths and weaknesses. Social/ emotional assessments obtain data about a student’s emotional and behavioral functioning. It is a collaborative process in which the teachers’ and parents’ perspectives are essential in the assessment process. I also provide consultation services to teachers to establish interventions for students displaying behavioral, emotional, or academic difficulties in a classroom. It is a cooperative process that promotes success in students who are struggling. As part of a direct service to students, I provide school-based individual and group counseling. I am a member of the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS), assist with trauma and crisis, and case manage classified students.

    I look forward to working with your children and family. I can be reached at 201-804-6314 or by email at jlee@erboe.net. I serve McKenzie. Lincoln and Faust schools.


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    Tourette syndrome Association



    American Psychological Association


    National Association of School Psychologists

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